"The Secret of KV62"

Tomb of Tutankhamun

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The Secret of KV62: Documentary (1 hour) setting the real story straight around the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings by British archaeologist, Howard Carter and his patron, Lord Carnarvon.

Tomb KV55 (discovered by Edward Ayrton in 1907) is considered perhaps the most mysterious burial in the Valley of the Kings but Tutankhamun’s tomb may hold even greater secrets.

"The Tutankhamun Conspiracy"

Lord Carnarvon on left and Howard Carter on right
Carnarvon and Carter
“At last have made wonderful discovery in the Valley. A magnificent tomb with seals intact ..” Howard Carter’s telegram to Lord Carnarvon, 4th November 1922

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I’ve got something staggering to tell you. ‘Carnarvon and Carter were a couple of crooks.’ our friend Gerald said as he sipped his vodka and orange in the bar of the Meridien Piccadilly. ‘They never discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. Their pals from Qurna did … and much earlier than 1922.’
‘One of your better stories G … It would make a great movie,’ we laughed. ‘No. Listen. I believe they found important information in the tomb that could have changed the political and religious thinking of the world.’
We looked at him ‘Are you serious?’ Gerald paused. ‘Yes. I think I’ve found the evidence and I want you to help me prove it!’ So that’s how we went to live in Egypt … Tom Cat Productions Ltd is the result of our incredible quest to uncover the truth.

Tom Cat Productions Ltd

Tom Cat Productions Ltd is a multi-media/cross platform TV, books, games and film company specializing in spiritual and mystery programming. We are investigating the stories behind the headlines. We have in development, a Children’s animation, UK/European production, a three part documentary series, an Anglo-Egyptian co-production and a 90 minute theatrical release. Currently developing a 90 minute, feature, thriller on historical discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Sheena Mac Brayne

Sheena Mac Brayne

Writer, Producer and Director, Golden Dragon Productions

Sheena began her career in the film and television industry in Visual Effects, working on some of the great films of the 70’s and 80’s, switching to writing and producing in the early 90’s when she met Beverley. Sheena specialises in international co-production particularly with the Middle East and China. As an Egyptologist she has a passion for Ancient History and lectures in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies. Her background in Visual Effects helps enormously in developing multi-platform formats.
Beverley Milne-Browne

Beverley Milne-Browne


Beverley has been living and working in Egypt for the last 20yrs as a foreign producer for Gabry Film Studios, at Giza. Gabry’s credits include “Cleopatra”, “Ten Commandments”, “The Spy Who Loved Me” and many more Arabic speaking award winning productions. Her career in the film industry has been varied. She worked as an Executive producer on a Russian Ballet, British crew, Staring, Farukh Ruzimatov, and was a co-producer on The Tutankhamun Conspiracy, British crew, which was shown on ITV and Channel 5. She has also worked on feature films and commercials. Beverley recently teamed up with Sheena MacBrayne and started a production company in the UK and Egypt called Tom Cat Productions and Film Egypt.

In Development

The Blessing Seed

The Blessing Seed

100 minute feature documentary

 Secret Egypt … a stunning journey from Alexandria to Philae following in the footsteps of the pilgrims who went in search of enlightenment in the temples of the Nile during the last centuries BC. The film reveals the cosmic soul behind the Ancient Egyptian monuments and their importance in solving some of the challenges we face today. (Film, book, bonus feature)

The Legend of Pa Miu

90 minute feature animation – UK production
The year is 4 BC. The nations of the Eastern Mediterranean including Egypt suffer violence and injustice under the brutal occupying Roman army. An orphaned kitten is saved from certain death by High Priest and Magus, Imhotep who heals him and adopts the little cat, naming him Pa-Miu (Tom Cat). The appearance of a star over the Great Pyramid of Giza, brighter than all the others, is a sign to Imhotep that the ‘Star Prophecy’ may at last be fulfilled … An ‘enlightened one’ who will set the people free from the tyranny engulfing them is about to be born. Joining up with his fellow Magi (Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar), Imhotep and ‘Miu’ set out on a quest to find the long-awaited king. (Film, book, bonus feature including merchandising).
Pa Miu

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